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Pasture, Rangeland & Forage (PRF)

A protection per acre plan pays you an indemnity when the actual rainfall in any selected two-month interval is less than 90% of normal (based on a calculated NOAA average for your area).  

Pasture Rangeland and Forage

Pasture Fire Coverage

An annual policy that covers loss due to weather, machinery, or downed power lines.  Protect your operation today, and the coverage even pays for the fire department services!

Pasture Fire

Livestock Risk Protection ( LRP)

Insure your cattle, swine or lamb against a decline in market prices; no margin account required.


Crop Insurance

A plan that focuses on simplicity in terms of choices, resulting in clear understanding of the product.   Protect your crops against a loss in yield due to unavoidable, naturally occurring events.  For most crops, it includes adverse weather, fire and insects.


Private Products | Crop Hail

Crop Hail coverage can be tailored to fit any operation by selecting an amount of insurance per acre and a deductible that most accurately reflects your risk profile.

Crop Hail

Private Products | Wind

& Green Snap

An optional Crop Hail endorsement that provides protection against the severing or breaking of the stalk.


Private Products | Replant

Additional coverage for replanting crops in addition to the MPCI federal crop insurance policy

Small Plant
Luxury Home

Property & Casualty

We are currently offering Property & Casualty insurance plans in our home state of Iowa!  Coverage plans available include: Home, Auto, Farm, Life, Business, and Health.

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